Emigrants from Vigge (Swedish)


Between the year 1850 and 1930 more then 1.3 million people emigrated from Sweden. Around 200000 returned, but more then 1 million people had left their home country forever. The main reason for this was because the countryside was overpopulated.

The population had increased more rapidly then the land could feed. But there were also other reasons people emigrated, religious freedom, the new military service regulation and a difficult labor market.
Regardless of why they emigrated, it must have been their greatest adventure, and most of them believed that their life would become much better in the new country.

Between the year 1868 and 1909 at least 48 people from Vigge emigrated. On this page we will try to find out what happened to all of them. Some of the life stories are known, but most of them are completely unknown for us.
With this work we hope to get in contact with relatives on both sides of the ocean. Hopefully we can help these families to reunite once again.

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